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We offer several different training programmes:
The 2/3 day Trauma Informed workshops are a top-up training for Birthworkers who are experienced already.
The 2/3 day Doula training workshop offers an invaluable perspective on working with people in the childbearing year during vulnerable times. This course is open to those who intend to become a member, or would like to become more aware of how to offer a trauma informed practice. There is a discounted fee for those who are actively working with us or seeking to join us to offer their voluntary services immediately.
The 5 day TIDE course is for beginners who would like to join DWB, Doula UK or both, or because you are simply interested in a trauma-informed doula education.


      2 /3 day workshop for Doulas/Midwives/Birth workers includes:


  • What is trauma response? Recognising trauma response in yourself, your clients and within the institution, as personal, vicarious and organisational layers of trauma 

  • Learning how best to support yourselves and others during childbirth 

  • Lone working skills

  • 'The Nervous system is the driver': Polyvagal theory in simple terms 

  • Cultural humility and responsiveness, utilising a 'Beginners Mind' approach and the 'Danger of a single story'

  • 'Triggers and Strategies': Considering what might trigger and how we might help co-create empowering strategies

  • Collaborative work towards informed consent

  • Safeguarding

  • Perinatal mental health and a multi-layered support approach

  • Working with disclosure

  • Knowing your own thresholds and boundaries: Ensuring your own trauma stories don't cloud your vision

  • Using Mindfulness in your Practice.

    3 day version (for countries wanting to join) includes:


  • Introduction of Doulas Without Borders: A talk on the inception of DWB, our ethos, guidelines, policies, procedures and an invitation to join us

  • Debriefing your practice

  • Infant feeding for survivors of sexual trauma

  • 'Sharpening your listening skills and minding your language use'.

You can see all dates and book your place on our 2/3 day top-up workshop at:

    5 day course for beginners who would like to become trauma-informed Doulas.


    This training is now available as a 1:1 on Zooms and E-learning.

    This course covers:

  • The physiology of labour and birth

  • What is trauma and how might we recognise it? 

  • How might pregnancy, birth and early parenthood be affected by trauma and vulnerability?

  • The principles of a trauma-informed Doula practice

  • What might a trauma-informed Doula offer?

  • Active listening and empowering language

  • Cultural humility and practicing beginners mind

  • Working collaboratively towards client empowerment

  • Developing a self-reflective practice

  • How can we best serve those living in vulnerability?

  • Thresholds: learning where your own triggers and limits lie

  • Self-care: how the Doula can 'Doula thyself'

  • Safeguarding for your client, their families and for yourself and your clients,

  • Creating communities of care

  • Joining Doulas Without Borders, Doula UK and setting up practice.

You can apply for the 5 day Doula Course at:


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