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Our Services

'To prevent inter-generational transmission of vulnerabilities and adverse mental and physical health outcomes, women should be offered ongoing targeted support for their mental and physical health and the parenting of infants conceived in the traumatic setting...'PLOS, Maternity Care for trafficked women; Survivor experiences  and clinicians' perspectives in the United Kingdom's National Health Service.'  Bick et al (2017)


Doula Support

A Doula ensures pregnant women receive continuity of care with a friendly face at a vulnerable time. We also provide education to support informed choice, signposting to services and 'on the ground' companionship, which can greatly assist in a positive experience of childbirth and early bonding.

Doulas do not offer medical advice or apply clinical measures, but do offer a wealth of knowledge about birth. We help women to have a positive experience by providing information, support, and encouragement—without judgment. 


Doulas are there to support the whole family unit, when appropriate. We do not attempt to mirror the role of any other supporter, but to empower all towards a positive outcome. Our presence can help alleviate isolation during pregnancy and labour and assist in early parenting settling in.


Having a more positive experience of pregnancy and birth contributes to the potential for bonding and attachment between parent and baby. Building resilience during this time is best achieved through a strong bond with the mother, which provides baby with a crucial step towards a healthy and balanced adult life.  

At Doulas Without Borders, our UK-wide network of voluntary doulas provides women and birthing people who have experienced trauma and are in financial hardship with the companionship, physical, emotional and educational support needed during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

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